Trust again.

An alternative to currency

A credex is an alternative to money itself, founded directly on peer-to-peer trust.


A credex is an IOU supercharged with modern technology and a straightforward principle. This principle is both massively scalable and deeply layered, and its implementation is a direct and potent empowerment of citizens, businesses, and communities everywhere.

Credex Principle

If I owe you,
and you owe them,
and they owe me,
then we're square.

This humble, logical, and radical idea has the power to change the world.

Let's get started.

Who we are

Great Sun Financial Inc. is a fintech (finance + technology) startup dedicated to building sustainable multigenerational prosperity for our clients and for the world.

We empower financial relationships that respect dignity and build mutual wealth. We believe in direct human-to-human, smart-contract based solutions that cut a straight line from our purpose to implementation at scale.

We enable value-producing exchanges at all levels. We are a conduit and service provider for capital entering, exiting, and growing within the credex ecosystem. We design wealth-generating smart contracts and scalable contract templates, and help members to implement them within the ecosystem. We connect members' ecosystem activity to their money-based assets and financial reporting with seamless integrations into personal and business payments, banking, investing, accounting, and regulatory reporting.

We facilitate the free flow of value in all directions, enabling the creation of new wealth and the multiplication of existing capital. We build sustainable multigenerational prosperity.